Who are you? Who comes? And, what do they do?

Who are you?

Safety Fest TN is the combined efforts of large and small businesses; federal, state and local agencies; and non-profit organizations that come together to promote safety and health at work, at home and in the community.

Who comes?

A common question. Currently, 176 organizations are represented by registered attendees. Safety Fest TN attendees come from the biggest public utility to the smallest utility district; from global powerhouses in the engineer, procure & construct world to boutique A&E firms; from the largest national laboratory to small highly-specialized labs; from nationally known research and education non-profits to very small local non-governmental organizations.

What do they do?

That’s a loaded question! Almost every title imaginable, over 335, will be at Safety Fest TN, from Custodian to Chief Executive Officer; from Senior Director – Risk Management to Fleet Maintenance Technician; from Sewer Specialist to Director of Human Resources; from Senior Vice President – Operations to Chip Mill Technician; from Global ES&H Manager to Industrial Hygiene Specialist; from Security Manager to Security Police Officer; from Fire Chief to Fire Officer; from Administrative Assistant to Associate Under Secretary……

And, wait, how does Safety Fest TN happen?

Simple question with a simple answer. It’s possible due to the very generous support of Partners, Sponsors and Providers (see image below). To-date, more than 85 organizations are providing financial and in-kind support to the event. Surpassing last year, they are providing over 80 free safety and health classes, sessions and demonstrations in Oak Ridge and Knoxville, Tennessee.

So far, the 2016 event’s Partners, Sponsors and Providers!

How does my organization get involved?

That’s an easy question! Go check out the website (https://safetyfesttn.org). Or, for more information, send an email to:

How do my employees get registered?

Safety Fest TN will be held September 12 – 16. Class schedule and registration have launched. Go here for a direct link to the agenda: Agenda.

Many classes will fill-up. Registration is Required.

See you in September!

The Safety Fest TN Team

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