Safety Fest TN welcomes LYNX as a Guardian Sponsor

Safety Fest TN is a week of over 100 safety & health classes, sessions and demonstrations – all FREE to everyone who registers! There’s more Safety Fest TN info below but for now…

Thank you LYNX!

Lynx Supply, Inc. (LYNX) is a certified woman-owned, small business, which provides high quality personnel protective equipment (PPE), safety and office equipment, tools and consumables to commercial and government nuclear facilities and industrial companies located throughout the United States. LYNX was founded in 1989 and currently operates out of facilities in Oak Ridge, TN.

Established in 1990, Lynx is an industry leader in Nuclear and Industrial Supplies arena

LYNX distributes over 100,000 separate products that are manufactured by over 1500 active suppliers. Many of these suppliers are industry recognized leaders in the supply of high quality products and supplies. They include: 3M, Dupont, Kimbery-Clark, MSA, Air-Products , Bullard, Canon, Carhartt, Coleman, Crews , Electromark, Honeywell (North Safety), MCR Safety, Milwaukee, RedKap/VF imagewear, River City, Safe-T-Way, Stanley, Smith & Wesson, Tingley, Ultra-Safe, Wells Lamont and many others. Lynx also carries our own line of products manufactured to higher standards.

Safety Fest TN

Safety Fest TN provides a week of free safety and health training annually in Oak Ridge, and Knoxville, Tennessee, and is dedicated to the mission of making the region the safest place to work and live in the United States. The classes, demonstrations, and sessions are free to all who register to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn safety and health skills.

The event will be held April 27 – May 1, 2020 at multiple locations in Oak Ridge and Knoxville, Tennessee. It is the combined efforts small and large businesses; local, state, and federal agencies; colleges and universities; and non-profit organizations.

“Safety at work, at home, and in the community.”

Last year’s event included 127 free safety classes, sessions, and demonstrations. The 134 instructors and presenters were graciously provided by 141 organizations, just like yours, giving back to the community. Your organization can partner, sponsor or provide resources too – showing commitment to safety at work, at home, and in the community!

Class schedule launches and online registration starts March, 2020.

Exhibition spaces and sponsorship opportunities are available now!

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