Community Safety Forum and Lunch Hosted by CNS


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At the 2019 Safety Forum, we discussed the pending “Silver Tsunami” demographic shift which would result in a significant percentage of experienced workers leaving the workforce. The pandemic accelerated the timeline, and now “boomers” reaching “peak 65” will hit 4.1 million this year and every year through 2027. This figure represents the largest surge of retirement-aged Americans, ever. Workforces everywhere are seeing dramatic changes in generational distribution with many organizations experiencing high to extremely high turnover rates – 40% to 60% of workers with less than 5 years’ experience in the organization. Many of these new workers are first time (early career) workers. While culture typically changes slowly this unique period presents challenges and opportunities for safety, safety culture and the need to meet the high standard of excellence required for success. These and other workforce issues will be discussed at Safety Fest TN’s kick-off Community Safety Forum. The Deputy Director of Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security for the U.S. Department of Energy will set the stage with a keynote address, followed by a distinguished panel of community leaders discussing immediate and future of safety and organizational culture. The panel session will adjourn promptly so that attendees may attend the CNS Community Safety Lunch and the opening of the Safety Expo.

Safety Fest TN 2024 is now accepting registrations! 
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