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Safety Fest TN | September 10-14, 2018
Safety Fest TN | September 10-14, 2018

“Secret City” Fire Department Conference

The 2017 “Secret City” Fire Department Conference is sponsored by the Y-12 Fire Department, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fire Department, City of Oak Ridge Fire Department. It is limited to 350 students and will be on a first come basis. Registration is free as the conference is paid for by the sponsors as a part of Safety Fest TN.


Click here to view and print the: 2017 "Secret City" Fire Department Conference brochure.

Conference Schedule
  • Wednesday, Sept. 14, 8:30 am - Dr. Chuck Carringer
  • Thursday, Sept. 15, 8:30 am - J. Curt Varone

The Safety Expo will be open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Wednesday. Feel free to participate in the Safety Expo Passport to Prizes giveaway.


The Emergency Management Expo will be open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Thursday.


Feel free to participate in the Safety Expo Passport to Prizes giveaway.


Dr. Chuck Carringer

Dr. Carringer is an executive coach, trainer, and speaker based in the Knoxville area. An expert in leadership development, Chuck partners with his executive coaching, training, and speaking clients to take their leadership and performance to the next level. Chuck holds a doctorate in Executive Leadership emphasizing executive coaching and leadership styles and is a founding partner of the prestigious John Maxwell Coaching, Speaking, and Training Certification Program.

Chuck is a former distinguished public school educator. He served 24 years in a variety of roles at the high school level including teacher, Hall of Fame coach (most career victories for any boys’ basketball coach in school history), Athletic Director, and Principal (during his tenure, the graduation rate increased from 79% to 92%, and he successfully completed a 58 million dollar construction renovation project).

Dr. Carringer is known for his successful executive coaching engagements with leaders at every organizational level, helping them advance in both leadership and performance outcomes. Chuck has attended the Fire Department Conference in the past and is working with several fire departments in the area.

Curt Varone

J. Curt Varone is the author of Legal Considerations for Fire & Emergency Services. He is a practicing attorney licensed in Rhode Island and Maine. He retired from the Providence, Rhode Island Fire Department in 2008 as a Deputy Assistant Chief and served as the Director of Public Fire Protection at the National Fire Protection Association.

Curt has over forty-three years in the fire service, having become a volunteer firefighter in North Providence in 1972. In 1979, he was hired as a full-time firefighter by the Providence Fire Department. He has served with the Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, MATF01, and the Rhode Island Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, RITF01. He remains active as a Deputy Chief in Exeter, RI.

Curt teaches courses in Fire Tactics, Fire Protection, Fire Service Law, Collective Bargaining, and Firefighter Occupational Safety & Health in the fire science program at Providence College, is an instructor for the Rhode Island Fire Academy, and teaches NIMS ICS for Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency.

"Secret City" Fire Officer Conference Sponsors